Fluance Reference High Performance 2-Way Bookshelf and Surround Sound Speakers for Home Theater System

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Brand: Fluance

Color: Black Ash


  • Exquisite Room-Filling Sound - As impactful as tower speakers, with outstanding clarity and immersive sound reproduction, these bookshelf speakers are perfect as fronts or surround sound speakers (External Amplifier Required)
  • Rich and Detailed Midrange - Woven fiber drivers provide vibrational damping and optimal linear movement resulting in a faithful reproduction of the original recording
  • Captivating Clarity in the High Frequencies - Silk dome neodymium tweeters produce crisp, natural highs while providing spacious off axis dispersion making every spot the sweet spot
  • Superior Cabinet Engineering - Meticulously designed wood enclosure to avoid unwanted resonance with front firing bass ports for improved bass response (Frequency Range 50Hz - 20KHz)
  • Optimized Crossover for Superior Sound - Utilizing high performance components improving phase coherence, frequency response balance and timing

Package Dimensions: 20.7 x 15.4 x 12.8 inches